The 2013 Golden Baobab Prize Search Hero No. 4

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Say hello to Search Hero Lynn from South Africa! Lynn has an active imagination; she likes to muse about the existence of extraterrestrial life. Let's have a chat with her to find out more!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Cape Town, I am passionate about literacy and writing and yes, I believe UFO’s are real!

What is your day job and what activities do you enjoy in your leisure time?

I’m a Healthcare administrator and I enjoy reading and writing. Books always take me to new worlds and allow me to experience new things.  Reading is King!

 Let’s take our reader on a trip down memory lane. What did your 8 year-old self want to become in future and were they in any way influenced by the books you read?

My 8 year-old self wanted to be a lawyer but I don’t know if it’s because of the books I read. I have always had a passion for law, history and education.

Who was your favourite storybook character growing up?

It would have to be all the characters of the MoloSongolo series. They are all so interesting!

What would be your biggest dream for African children’s literature?

I want African children’s literature to get widespread exposure but ultimately getting African kids reading.

How does it feel to be named a Search Hero for the Golden Baobab Prize?

It is a true honour, and I will dedicate my time to fostering the ethos of the Golden Baobab Prize.

What kind of superpowers will you be contributing to enhance the Golden Baobab Prize search for captivating African stories for children?

I am planning to start a blog, and the first post will be LITERACY IN AFRICA. I will tweet and just get a dialogue going and get more people on board to support, assist and make us GROW.

Where can people connect with you on the world wide web?

Via twitter @Ling83

Well South Africa, there you have it! Look out for Lynn, Search Hero No. 4 for the Golden Baobab Prize!